Hello. I am happy to welcome you in my portfolio. My skills include:

• Level Design - Creation of static geometry, photosourced textures and skies, level layout, mesh placement, lighting;

• Level Scripting - Creative use of available functions to make interesting in-game events;

• Gameplay - Pacing, placement of enemies, items, obstacles;

• Cinematics - Camera animation, timing, creative use of model, animation, sound, music and special effects libraries.

Cinematic Reel

Résumé (.pdf)
contact: nx317@yandex.ru

Software experience:

• Radiant (PREDITOR, DOOMedit, GtkRadiant, DarkRadiant, NetRadiant);
• Blender;
• Sahara Engine World Editor;
• Id Tech 4 Engine Toolset;
• Unreal Engine 3 Toolset;
• NeoAxis Engine Toolset;
• Pain Editor;
• Paint.NET;
• xNormal;
• SharpDevelop.
• SandStorm Editor.

Personal Work

Professional Work

July 2015 - Present: Alersteam
Level Design


-Planning, prototyping and composing levels.

June 2013 - Present: Violation Entertainment
Level Design&Environment Art


-Providing level design and environment art for team's projects using the in-house texture and static mesh library.
-Optimising levels for lightmap creation and good performance.

December 2011 - November 2014: Industrial Simulations Lab
Level Design&Environment Art, Level Scripting


-Creation of recognizable 3-D models of locations and equipment based on provided references, level design by placing these models in the editor, setting up and scripting dynamic entity types for moving objects.
-Participating in team conversations dedicated to algorithm creation, providing feedback about the proposed ideas.
-Realising provided algorithms in C# programming language.
-Showcasing and discussing completed work at milestone presentations, gathering feedback and making corrections based on it.
-Writing detailed documents about developed software.

Old Work