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28th of October, 2015.


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This is the website for Violation Entertainment, a quiet little independent game development and digital entertainment team. Currently there are only a few members, though a lot of work is being done and there are some screenshots and other files already available, including videos, music and some interactive demos. Our plans consist of a futuristic 3D racing game called Chaos Circuits, a 3D first-person shooter total conversion project called Shadowing Hate, a 2D real-time strategy game for the NintendoDS handheld called Ulterior Warzone, as well as some other animation projects on the side.

The team is keen to provide some resources available for other developers and artists and we are very open about our developments and strongly encourage feedback from the public. We also use mainly easily licensed freely distributable cross-platform software for development to suit as many members as possible, which among others includes Blender, Radiant and our current engine of choice NeoAxis.


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More is available and we welcome and encourage your opinions and involvement in our team forum.


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