Getting the word out, only to regret it later

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Getting the word out, only to regret it later

Postby LDAsh » (160421)(11:04.58)

Posting in random sites/communities around the web without full investigation of their nature and future implications scares the hell out of me. There are places I have considered such as Tumblr, Reddit and DeviantArt that are very "iffy" and I am very worried about sharing the same "web-space" as extremely questionable content that ends up on these sites, especially if we consider the name "Violation Entertainment" and the implications of how everything could possibly be associated together in terms of meta-data and search engine results, etc. It's complex but I believe I have validity with concerns about these implications, especially into the future and because it's just not practical to constantly keep track of all these things. While everyone else goes about blindly "using" these places, I'm not sure how many think about whom they are sharing them with, what else is there and the future implications of this, because anyone who understands the internet understands that not everything last forever and someone does own it.

To put it bluntly - it wouldn't be the first time someone said to me "Violation Entertainment, it sounds like rape-pr0n" and has hesitated or even refused to click a link. Personally, I think that says more about _them_ than it does about me, but what can you do, this is the millennial mentality...

So my idea is to go ahead and "attack" these places, infact anywhere at all, but do so in a way that can't really be traced back to us or have our name misconstrued or fuddled with anything questionable or indeed even illegal, by keeping actual text information intentionally vague, never mentioning the team, its members, it projects or any URLs by name, but providing this information purely in videos/screenshots, and hosted somewhere I can keep control of. On one hand it's a little futile not providing people with links to click because URLs (especially long ones like this) are REALLY HARD to type into an address bar, uuuuughghgh, but on the other hand it's better than nothing at all. This doesn't prevent others (moderators or other members) from taking that information and turning it into text, but it does at least minimise the risk of it. I also considered even hosting these shots on our alternate domain so not even the URL of the media can be traced. This way I really have complete control of it. I'm looking into some redirection technique to use that alternative domain to automatically take users to the site, so then it might be possible to provide (and eliminate) links.

Am I paranoid? Maybe, but I don't think so. I've spent enough time on DeviantArt to know how terrible things can get there. I'd also like to be able to "pull the plug" anytime I think it's necessary, too. Maybe this is difficult to understand but I post anyway incase anyone has any ideas or suggestions about this "mentality" I have. I believe one day it will make a lot more sense than it might at the moment.

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Re: Getting the word out, only to regret it later

Postby Macchute » (160602)(15:06.27)

I agree with this, it's always good to pull the plug when the internet gets overheated (if it's possible)

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