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Notes for testers

Postby LDAsh » (160519)(13:05.06)

For anyone willing to help out by doing some early-stage testing, we'd really appreciate it. First of all, you'll need to get a couple of things ready, mainly - sending us a complete hardware report, and having the ability to send us screenshots.

For the hardware report, you can use "HWiNFO", found here:-
It should just be a case of running this, clicking the "Save Report" button, save as HTML or TXT, and e-mail that to us or upload it and send us a PM linking to it. Normally you don't need to worry about it containing any compromising information (you can see it for yourself) but you probably shouldn't post it publicly, all the same.

For the screenshots, this is pretty straight-forward:-
Press your "PrtScn" (print-screen) key, then run MS-Paint and "paste" (press CTRL+V). Save, go to the "save as type" drop-down option at the bottom and choose PNG, then save it. On any version of Windows, to run MS-Paint, it should be a simple matter of typing "mspaint" into the 'Run' command in your start menu.
Should this not work, for whatever reason, you can use a program like XnView (which I personally recommend) ( and that has a "Capture screen" option in the 'Tools' menu. Again, please use the PNG or JPG format before sending it to us.

For testing, specific things will have specific things that need to happen. In general, testing the main engine will log any crashes in your \UserSettings\Logs\ folder, as .log files which you can send to us if the engine or its tool crash for you. The engine also has a built in screenshot function using the F11 key, to capture multiple screenshots in PNG format, ready to send.

Finally, we promise to keep all information concerning the identity and information within the hardware reports confidential, and in return simply ask that any files obtained from us for testing purposes not be copied and shared with anyone else but you, as the tester.

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