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CC menu 60FPS video

Postby LDAsh » (160216)(14:02.09)

We're really excited to finally have the ability to not only take super hi-res (8K) screenshots from within the engine, but to continuously dump hi-res (2K) shots at a steady rate that can be compiled into video footage. This was something we sorely missed from the idTech4 days, which had this ability. Special thanks goes out to our new friend Nuada who helped us with getting this code working. I actually discovered this video-taking ability by accident by forgetting to add a line of code, and noticed it was continually taking screenshots infinitely, so with a couple of extra lines in there to manage the "enginetimescale" (to 0 before taking the shot, and then increased slightly before looping the function, to increment the frame) I managed to get a very steady rate of the engine performance to (very slowly) dump out 2K screenshots. The end result is smooth video footage from straight out of the engine, no matter what the real-time performance may be, if the scene is hampered by lights and particles or without any LOD. Unfortunately I need to CTRL+ALT+DEL my way out of it (there's no 'stop key' in there), but it's certainly a great ability to have. The only issue with this is that "soft particles" aren't rendering as they should, but hopefully that can be fixed sometime in the near future.

Video on YouTube:-

Original hi-res version uploaded (157MB):-

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